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Traceability from Farm to Multinational Fork

Transparency throughout the global food chain means building trusting relationships with traceability with every touch point in the supply chain. Now more than ever, consumers want assurance they are purchasing products from reputable sources. Products must be accurately and quickly traced, especially in light of recent recalls and international incidents of suppliers taking advantage of lax food safety regulations.

America?s leadership position in food safety is a global standard, placing a burden on US multinational brands to teach parts of the world what food safety is all about. Shipping out product does not equate to shipping out responsibility.

From farmers, truckers, distributors and everyone in between, our first order of business at Hanson Logistics is the security of the product we handle. We are committed to GFSI protocols, ASI excellence and GFM practices in handling, storing and delivering food products; we make sure to stay ahead of the curve, proactively making continuous improvements, even before they are required. Because it?s not just about complying with government regulation, it?s about a vision dedicated to food quality and safety.