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Support Our Professional Driver Heroes

As I write this, Outgoing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration head Anne Ferro has finished defending her agency?s regulations limiting the amount of time drivers are allowed to work, during what probably was her last appearance before Congress as the agency?s chief.

There continues to be ongoing debate on timing and extent of the Hours of Service, but regardless of your stance on the matter, everyone wants safer highways. No one should be in harm?s way as #30,000 travels down the highway.

Transportation is a demanding service, especially when a poorly planned cross-country appointment is difficult, if not impossible to make without violating regulations or common sense. Is it fair to have an entrepreneur driver watch any sort of profitability being squeezed out by high fuel costs? Or driving on an infrastructure that doesn’t really support the continuous moves of today?s planners?

At Hanson Logistics, we go to great lengths to assure drivers are given a level playing field to perform their job safely. We believe professional drivers are the heroes of the supply chain. We provide convenience for drivers with excellent communication, completely detailed load information, and quick turnaround time at our docks. We treat drives with respect and hospitality to allow them to do their job to the best of their ability.