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Supply Chain Visibility: What You Need to Know

The ability to track inventory in transit from the manufacturer to its destination is extremely important. And yet this process can quickly and easily become convoluted if one step within that supply chain is mishandled.

Because each link of the supply chain has its own schedule, budget, and projections, that information must be communicated and shared effectively to reduce risk for errors. When choosing to only focus on each department individually, the supply chain as a whole will be neglected.

A supply chain must be visible not only to the shipper, but to the receiver as well, and a good supply chain will strengthen the relationship between the two. Increasing visibility will also reduce costs for those involved.

According the Aberdeen Report, the key factors driving increased visibility are operational pressures of growing complexity and the need to improve speed and accuracy.

Creating a more collaborative and coordinative environment can increase supply chain efficiencies. Organizations should develop specific data requirements to be shared between partners. Sharing information between tiers will strengthen trust within each part of the supply chain.

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