by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics

Transparency: Our Goal is Your Goal

The walls of deep frozen warehouses are thick with R-41 metal-clad insulation, and yet they are transparent. Under LED lights, on the beam of a scanner, across the dock and out the door, we?re producing and capturing data on every lot, every load. Our engagement continues beyond the edge of the parking lot, where Hanson Transportation Management Service takes over the duty of on-time arrival and load closure. Inbound to outbound, field to fork, we are a barcode business.

Supply chain transparency is no longer reserved for the avant-garde. Transparency has migrated from wishful to marketable to, in many cases, regulated law. We can thank technology, of course, but technology in itself does not create transparency. It?s the best-in-class business processes that require accountability to customers, partners and associates that make it business as usual.

Not everyone is on board yet. A recent Aberdeen entitled Food Safety and Quality, Ensuring Compliance and Traceability Across the Enterprise points to the significant gap between leaders and followers in the food and beverage industry in terms of visibility. For leaders, 75% claimed distribution transparency, compared to the 54% claimed by followers. What?s more, 64% of leaders had business processes and tools in place (think EDI, TMS and WMS) that supported industry best practice standards, compared to 20% of followers.

Hanson Logistics? continuous improvement in technology, processes and ongoing safety is our way of working. After all, our goal is your goal.