by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics

Shipper of Choice and the Golden Rule in Transportation

A few months ago, we wrote on the importance of becoming Shipper of Choice, especially in the face of tightening capacity. The context of Shipper of Choice centers on attracting and maintaining good, qualified carriers; an ongoing way of working for Hanson Logistics.

Now, shippers are seeing more and more capacity migrate to the spot market. Many carriers are talking more with brokers than in the past; capacity in some lanes is difficult to come by, and costly in the spot market.

As the shipper for a steadily increasing volume of frozen loads, Hanson Logistics is known for consistent, albeit seasonal truckload or near truckload shipments that help keep carriers running with better ratios through a fluctuating economy. Yes, we contract for and purchase capacity at the most attractive rates for our clients. We also manage a significant volume of freight for customers who hold their own contracts. But we don’t unfairly play one carrier against another or stretch out payment in attempts to play a spread at the expense of carriers.

Temperature-controlled transportation is a tier above in terms of visibility and accountability. Help your carriers reduce if not eliminate dwell time, loading quickly and helping them with return trips if possible. In the end, the Golden Rule will help you over the long run.