by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics

Refrigerated Fleet: We Played Ourselves into This Tournament

It?s been said by some of the best tennis and golf players coming up into a major. ?I?ve played myself into this tournament.? The context of the phrase is normally in response to a newscaster?s question regarding the player?s confidence ? or lack thereof ? of having made it into the spotlight. But as simple as it sounds, winners win. That’s why with our refrigerated fleet, we would like to think we’re winning.

Keep that in mind. Hardly a day goes by where we don’t face the challenge of tight capacity in the transportation market. The trucking industry is some 30,000 jobs short of what?s needed, with freight tonnage projected to rise 25% over the next 10 years. The average age of drivers is now 46, ten years older than a decade ago, reflecting the lack of younger drivers entering the workforce.

The Hanson Logistics refrigerated fleet, which provides a safety net for our customers, has grown from a single unit to nine, with more in our future. We?re hiring, and our commitment to attracting other top tier carriers remains a priority. After all, we played ourselves into this tournament.