by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics

Maintaining Shipper of Choice

The capacity crunch is here, and many shippers find themselves forced to compete with one another for carriers. If you don’t own your own fleet and aren?t aligned with your core and contract carriers, you may find yourself with a dock staged with missed orders and upset customers. Here?s what we focus on to stay a shipper of choice:

  • Tender Accordingly:?Your carriers have their sweet spot just like everyone else. Make sure you understand how your outbound and inbound aligns with your carrier needs and then tender accordingly. Make transportation a win-win partnership.
  • Reduce Dwell Time: Keep your yard clean, your doors clearly marked and your loads ready. Have the resources to load efficiently and help your loading driver get on his or her way. Make it nice to do business with at the dock as well as the corner office.
  • Respectful Treatment:?We value our drivers and the carriers we partner with, and we greet them with a ?Yes, We Can!? hello and hospitable facilities.
  • Open Communication: Being a shipper of choice means assuring your carriers with ongoing communication and complete, detailed load information and availability. Our expertise and TMS allow us to make communication with carriers a top priority.
  • Quick Payment: Hanson recognizes the importance and vital role our carriers play in the success of our logistics business. We back our commitment to carriers by offering Quick Pay ? payment within seven days of invoice receipt. It?s just another way to show our respect and give reason to join our carrier community.