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Logansport, Indiana
Warehousing  |  Network  |  Logansport

Logansport, Indiana

Hanson Logistics Warehouse, Logansport

In addition to serving the area?s meat producers and growers, Logansport is rapidly becoming a key hub for direct-to-consumer ecommerce services. The location is readily accessed by inbound trucks while also close proximity to UPS shipping facility. The facility is designed with cooler and freezer work cells for Hanson Pick, Pack and Parcel service, with efficient parcel reach of more than 65% of the US population. Racked storage, refrigerated truck docks, covered rail dock. Rail served for export. Temperature and humidity-controlled rooms.

Total Cubic Feet: 2,946,901
Freezer: 2,322,310 cu ft.
Cooler: 334,121 cu. ft.
Refrigerated Dock: 290,470 cu. ft.

Pallet Positions: 14,500
Freezer range: -10?F to 0?F
Cooler range: 28?F to 40?F
Dock doors: 18

Rail Siding:
– Private siding
– 5 car spots
– Norfolk & Southern Railroad