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Lafayette, Indiana
Warehousing  |  Network  |  Lafayette

Lafayette, Indiana

Kent Headley
Vice President & General Manager

phone: 765.477.1666
fax: 765.477.6526

Lafayette Warehouse, Hanson Logistics

Single story steel and panel construction. Strategically located within half days drive of 40% of US population; multi-vendor consolidation program reaches key point on a scheduled basis. Racked freezer and cooler rooms. Refrigerated docks. Mixing and kitting programs.

Refrigerated Convertible:
7,091,980 cu. ft.
Freeze range: -20?F to 0?F
Cooler range: 28?F to 40?F
Pallet positions: 21,000
Dock doors: 24
Rail Siding:
– Private 6-car rail siding
– Norfolk & Southern Railroad

  • CSM (Central Station Monitor)
    security and fire
  • Central ammonia refrigeration
  • EDI and web based order processing
  • Provia WMS
  • Transportation management
  • Multi-vendor consolidation program
  • ASI Excellent rating
  • Pick and pack
  • Cross docking
  • Return goods processing
  • State-of-the-art rack system
  • State-of-the-art RF systems
  • USDA inspection facility
  • Export approved for meat
  • Blast freezing