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Hydrocooling: Keeping It Fresh

One of the biggest concerns facing food manufacturers and distributors is keeping their inventory safe across each stage of the supply chain. One technology found in warehouses close to growers is that of precooling foods. Hydrocooling is one of the quickest precooling methods available. Items such as fruits, vegetables, and other bulk foods can be cooled quickly by bringing them in contact with cold, moving water.

Whereas some cooling methods may actually remove water from produce and other fresh items, hydrocooling does not. This removes field heat from fruits and vegetables that have been freshly harvested by immersing them in cold water.

To mitigate the spread of infection from a batch of just harvested foods, this cooling?contains recirculated, slightly chlorinated water. In some cases, sodium hypochlorite may be added to destroy the rot spores on skins of produce. These elements help improve storage life and market quality.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, this method?is also used for frozen food processing. By lowering the product?s temperature to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, hydrocooling can ultimately reduce the cost to freeze food and while preserving frozen products.

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