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Hartford, Michigan
Warehousing  |  Network  |  Hartford

Hartford, Michigan

Hartford cold storage for growers throughout lower Michigan. SQF Certified temperature-controlled warehouse. Modern one-story steel and panel construction, racked storage rooms, enclosed truck, and rail dock. Additional capacity for food processing, along with acreage for greenfield development. Adjacent general merchandise warehouse Easy access. Within minutes of I-94.

Total Cubic Feet: 6,982,776
Freezers: 3,877,284 cu. ft.
Cooler: 212,952 cu. ft.
General Merchandise: 2,892,540 cu. ft.
Pallet Positions: 36,000
Freeze temperature range: -20?F to 0?F
Cooler temperature range: 26?F to 28?F
Dock doors: 17

Rail Siding:
– Private siding
– 11 car spots
– CSX Railroad

  • CSM (Central Station Monitor) security and fire
  • Central ammonia refrigeration
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange approved
  • EDI and web-based order processing
  • Provia WMS
  • Transportation management services
  • Export Approved
  • ASI Excellent rating
  • SQF Certified
  • Food processing areas
  • Pick and pack
  • Return goods processing
  • State-of-the-art rack system
  • Daily blast freezing (100,000 lb. capacity)
  • ASCS approved
  • USDA inspection facility
  • 400 acre campus for development