by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics

We’re Grateful For What We Have

With our history and frozen warehousing?rooted in the orchards and berry fields of Michigan, Hanson Logistics rides the same unpredictable tide of crop numbers, as do our grower customers.

This year it was a very good summer. Thankfully the demand for blueberries continues to rise nationwide, providing some stability in pricing for fresh and frozen berries. This year’s blueberry crop has battled the remnants of a brutal winter, a cool summer and a variety of pests. The near normal crop, however, tastes as good as always. We’re grateful for that.

Michigan cherry tonnage is close to 80% of normal. Maybe not ideal, but after the devastation of a few years ago, my guess is any grower you ask is grateful for this year’s production, as are all of us at Hanson Logistics. Just because things aren’t great doesn’t mean growth goes unnoticed. We’re thankful for the close-to-normal numbers we have.

While weather and market conditions are forever changing, one thing is not: our commitment to product safety, grower support, and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities means that we are well-equipped to handle any crop that comes our way, large or small. So go ahead, have another slice of pie; I know I will.