by Hanson Logistics Hanson Logistics
The Hanson leadership team recently launched a new three-year strategy focusing on growth and enabling capabilities. The foundation of the strategy is known as ?The Hanson Way.? This new effort will allow the organization to accelerate embedding a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. Building an environment that focuses on every teammate helping to improve our work.

To kick off this initiative, twenty of our top leaders gathered together to partake in numerous training exercises designed to improve Hanson?s internal processes. The training took a variety of forms all leading up to a final unifying experience, which combined the takeaways from previous lessons and culminated them into a concluding experience to see how our team-working processes had improved.

The simulation divided the Hanson leaders up into two competing teams to pack meals for Lifeline Christian Mission to benefit families in Haiti. Once the groups were separated into their competing teams, they completed three rounds of meal packing, which lasted 20 minutes each. In between each round, the teams met for 45 minutes to improve their process.

The teams took different approaches and implemented quite different improvements, yet both teams saw impressive results. In the first round, each team created and packed approximately 216 meals each. After two rounds of process improvement, each team packed around 850 meals each.

?It was an amazing experience for everyone involved,? said Ken Whah, Executive Vice President of Hanson Logistics. ?Not only did we pack 4,590 meals in one hour for Haitian families in need, we were also able to apply our learning and there was a 400% improvement in production output in a very short amount of time.?

As we continue to implement The Hanson Way, management looks forward to creating an environment where ideal behaviors are evident in every teammate, and the meal packing experience training is the perfect embodiment of that ideal. The Hanson Way will now be rolled out to all Hanson teammates and meal packing will be an integral part of every training moving forward.

Yes, We Can!