Grower Support

Refrigerated Warehousing and Transportation From Farm to Fork

In today?s supply chains, the limelight falls mainly on real-time visibility, load consolidation and end-to-end technology. Truth be known though, Hanson Logistics ? or Southern Michigan Cold Storage, as it was back then ? was born and raised in the fields of Michigan. And we?ll never forget where we came from.

Michigan?s thriving agricultural community deserves first-class logistics and transportation services. After all, the region?s microclimates and soil combination produce more than 200 commodities on a commercial basis, making Michigan the second-most agriculturally diverse state in the U.S.

Blueberries are one of the many agriculture products that benefits from Hanson Logistics ?Yes We Can!? service.

  • Michigan is one of the leading producers of apples, blueberries and cherries.
  • Important Michigan vegetable crops are asparagus, bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, snap beans, sweet corn and tomatoes.

As one of the nation?s largest, privately held temperature-controlled logistics providers, Hanson Logistics supports Michigan?s thriving agricultural community with state-of-the-art freezing, storage, transportation, and logistics services. With current capacity of nearly 22 million cubic feet in Michigan alone, the company is committed to an agricultural industry that contributes $101.2 billion annually to the state?s economy.

frozen blueberry and vegetable storage

Hanson Logistics maintains the largest network of agricultural-centric freezing, storage, and distribution facilities in Michigan, with five deep-frozen, temperature-controlled warehouses ? including facilities in Northern Michigan that support the region?s cherry farming. Hanson Logistics provides blast freezing, production services, long-term storage as well as case-intensive picking programs, consolidation and distribution.

Hanson?s Transportation Management Services connect modern facilities in Hartford, Hart, Decatur, Riverside, and Benton Harbor.

With a proven track record in continuous food safety improvement, Hanson Logistics follows GFSI protocols, ASI Excellence, and GFM practices in the handling, storage and delivery of food products.

Committed to supporting growers, farmers, and food processing plants across the nation, and delivering the products that feed America, Hanson Logistics continues to invest in new infrastructure and vehicles that help ensure a safe, sanitary, and efficient cold food chain.